About CDT

Weninger Farms ltd is a family run business that owns and operates Canadian Drying Technologies. Our family produces the finest quality sweet potatoes in all of Canada under Canada GAP food safety guidelines as well as meets LFP (local food plus) certification requirements. Our sweet potatoes are found in major supermarkets as well are available direct from our farm when in season, typically from September to April.

Through our quest to grow the best sweet potato we now provide a flour made from our own sweet potato. This is a very nutritious and concentrated food additive used in baking and virtually anything you can cook or bake. Try it in bread, muffins or as a meat binder in meat loaf. (recipes will be available soon).


We can be reached by any of the following methods:

By Mail:
Canadian Drying Technologies
RR# 2 Aylmer, Ontario
N5H 2R2 Canada

John Weninger
Phone: 519-765-2132
Mobile: 519-933-2648

Joe Weninger
Phone: 519-773-5057
Mobile: 519-871-8976

By E-mail: