Canadian Drying Technologies

Farm & Food Service Dehydration / Gluten Free Milling

What is Canadian Drying Technologies?

Canadian Drying Technologies (CDT) is a custom dehydration/drying facility located in South Western Ontario. CDT is owned and operated by Weninger Farms Ltd, a third generation farm business now producing LFP (Local Food Plus) certified sweet potatoes and offering custom gluten free milling.

With our new addition of a commercial stone mill we now produce the finest quality gluten free flours and unique baking and brewing ingedients. CDT uses state of the art infra red drying technology. We have the proven ability to safely dehydrate/dry, roast or toast different products.

Testing and Custom Drying

CDT can accomodate just about any product to dry on a custom or testing basis. We can dry in larger volumes or test small batches of products. CDT also has the ability to toast or roast grains at different levels.

Gluten Free Milling

Weninger Farms Ltd./CDT offers custom gluten free milling. Every batch is tested for gluten before we sell to you. We use the age old process of stone milling to give the highest quality of ground grain as well as a fine particle hammer mill for those unique products that stone milling will not accommodate.